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The Running Technique eBook helps beginner runners learn how to adopt the fundamentals of good running form and how running with better technique helps prevent overuse injuries and makes running much more enjoyable as a means to maintain fitness and a healthy weight.  Runners with more experience and fitness can use the strategies outlined in the book to enhance running performance and avoid injury.  If you are a running coach this book well help you identify and teach the basic elements of good technique to your athletes.  The book also has a detailed methodology that can help athletes develop better running technique by using a combination of strength and coordination training, drills and activation and mental cues for stimulating good running movement patterns.

Dr Philo SaundersWith foreword by Philo Saunders PhD, Senior Physiologist, Australian Institute of Sport: “When Brian asked me to write the foreword to his book I agreed instantly as it covers a critical aspect of successful running.  This book is easy to read and based on sound scientific research. It provides practical advice on how to improve technique for runners of all abilities and will be a valuable resource for distance runners.”

Using simple explanations of how the best runners move, Running Technique takes the reader through a discussion of what good running technique looks like and explains the underlying muscle activation patterns and postures that drive good technique. Runners are shown how to recognize technical weaknesses that can lead to common injuries and a guide on doing your own gait analysis gives you a head-start on assessing whether changing or improving your running technique is necessary.

Overview of Running Technique by Brian Martin

The book then provides a sound framework for runners to gradually improve their technique by explaining how training for strength, coordination and technique gives you a greater chance of avoiding injury and achieving consistently better performance levels. The direct relationship between strength training and running technique becomes clear as the book explains why this type of training enables any runner to start developing efficient muscle activation patterns to run with better technique.

Running Technique takes the reader through a number of simple exercises and muscle activation drills that can be done anywhere without gym equipment.  Each exercise is explained so you know which muscles to activate during each phase of the movement and how this relates to running. The book also provides a framework for assessing the usefulness of any strength exercise in relation to improving running technique.

This book does not promise a direct or easy path to perfect running technique, but rather provides a practical methodology for moving through distinct phases of improvement and skill as a runner. This allows runners to step into the training framework in a way that is appropriate for their experience and ability. The first phase involves learning to activate the correct muscles at the right time, the second to stabilize and strengthen the hips – the engine room of good running technique. Finally, for more advanced athletes, there are suggestions for fine tuning technique and training for power and speed.

From the eBook Running Technique by Brian Martin

The book includes a chapter about running shoes and barefoot running and shows why wearing minimalist shoes or going barefoot provides a useful stimulus for improving technique but is not an end in itself. Running Technique explains that gradual evolution towards minimal shoes and barefoot running should only be attempted once the muscle activation patterns to run with good technique and have been established. There is also information on selecting the right type of shoes for your running technique.

Finally, the book details how popular training approaches can be modified so they are more forgiving on runners with imperfect mechanics and how training smarter can help you avoid injury. Running Technique brings together three ideas that justify taking technique seriously: running should be enjoyable and mostly pain free, injuries should be the exception, not the rule and performance improvements are possible by learning to run better, not just training longer and harder.

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The Running Technique eBook is the first of its kind in making technique and the complex area of biomechanics understandable for runners of all levels of ability. The book demolishes a number of myths, misunderstandings and misinformation in running leaving the fundamentals of good running technique much easier to understand and implement.

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My gait analysis was simply priceless. Minutes after I had been fitted into better shoes and with minor tweaks recommended by Brian, my technique had improved and running felt like much less of an effort. Using the principles outlined in Brian's book it has only taken a few runs to feel the difference, pulling up less sore ... getting me one step closer to my goal of the NYC Marathon in a few years! Coco"

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Q. Is this website an eBook? A. No this website is not an eBook - the book Running Technique can be purchased by clicking on the cover link above.Q. So what's this website about? A. This website contains additional information, diagrams and photos that could not be included in the eBook. It also provides readers the opportunity to interact with the author: Brian Martin Q. Do I need an eBook reader to access the book?A. No you can access and read the book using any eBook reader software for the PC or Mac, or if you prefer the book is available as a PDF. Q. Is the book available to read on a iPhone or smartphone? Yes - purchasing the book from the link above provides the book in the correct formats for smartphones. You can also purchase the book at iBookstore if you prefer. Q. Do I have to purchase a version of the book for each device I use to read eBooks? A. No - purchasing from my publisher smashwords.com allows you to use the book in all major formats.

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