Chapter 10: What’s on your feet?

Choosing the right shoes is not a simple exercise.  These days the choices are mind bogglingly diverse: neutral, stability, lightweight, minimalist, barefoot style and finally the recent popular trend of running without any shoes at all.  So how do you decide what’s right for you and does all that expensive technology really make a difference to your running technique?

This chapter of Running Technique is devoted to decoding the myths and explaining the facts about running shoe technology.  It helps you match your current technical ability to the right style of shoe.  It also gives you some suggestions about how to transition to wearing minimalist shoes with less risk of getting injured and when doing a little bit of barefoot running might be helpful.

So where do you fit on the spectrum below? Find out in this chapter of Running Technique.

Minimalist running shoes.

Running minimal is all the rage and I’m definitely a big fan of working towards running in lighter, less cushioned shoes.  But you need to be cautious in your approach, especially if your running technique needs to improve and you are used to running in heavier, motion controlling cushioned shoes.

Can shoes prevent running injuries?

And then there’s the problem of injury and shoes – can a shoe model really help you avoid getting injured? On the whole, the answer is no, there are some technical weaknesses in running that will inevitably lead to injury no matter how many expensive shoes features you pay for. This chapter of running technique discusses how weakness and instability at the hips is the most likely cause of many common running injuries to the feet and lower legs. Tracking down the root cause of pronation is the key to avoiding injury and needing to wear expensive and often ineffectual motion controlling shoes. If you’ve ever wondered about the true causes of shin splints or MTSS then reading this chapter is a must.  You can then use the strategies from chapter 8 and the strength and coordination training explained in chapter 9 to begin rebuilding your running technique to correct the cause rather than treat the symptoms of pronation.

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